Fact-Checking Policy

a) The Aajnainews.com is focused on giving a valiant effort to distribute exact data across its substance. We find numerous ways to guarantee exactness: We research claims with wariness; question suspicions; and challenge the tried and true way of thinking.

b) We are focused on accomplishing due precision in the entirety of its result. This responsibility is key to our standing and the trust of crowds. The term ‘due’ implies that the precision should be satisfactory and fitting to the result, assessing the subject and nature of the substance and expressly notice/underline any limitation that might impact that assumption.

c) This implies all our result, as fitting to its substance and nature, should be very much obtained, in light of accessible proof, and validated. We endeavor to tell the truth and open about what we don’t have any idea and stay away from unwarranted hypothesis.

d) Our columnists never counterfeit intentionally or misshape realities or setting, including visual data purposely.

e) We look for free check from sources to affirm claims, data, charge, particularly those made by open authorities or anybody with a plan past just revealing reality. Claims, charges, material realities and other substance that can’t be confirmed is regularly be credited.

d) The Aajnainews.com remains by the data it distributes and considers it be exact. Whenever demonstrated in any case, we change the news thing/data as fast as could really be expected. We don’t purposely and substantially misdirect our crowds. We don’t mutilate realities, or present designed material as realities, that can subvert our crowds’ confidence in our substance. We recognize serious genuine blunders and right them rapidly, obviously and suitably.

e) We give a fair an open door to general society to report any mistakes or blunders in our reportage by means of ‘Recommend A Revision’ segment that shows up toward the finish of each and every web-story that is distributed.

f) Our columnists’ essential obligation is revealing, composing, and truth actually taking a look at stories. Stories are liable to survey by at least one editors. The Aajnainews.com has a staggered truth checking structure for stories that expect a reasonable level of effort. The rank of editors who survey a story preceding distribution differs on a scope of variables, including intricacy, responsiveness, and the strain of time.

Our Correction Policies

While The Aajnainews.com constantly takes a stab at greatness and exactness, we leave the way that we will infrequently make mistakes. At the point when these blunders are made, The taazatime.com will get a sense of ownership with revising the mistake and will keep an elevated degree of straightforwardness to be certain all gatherings are sure that the wrong data doesn’t spread.

Coming up next are the means each party needs to take to accomplish the objectives of exactness, straightforwardness and greatness:

In the event that a reader  detects a mistake, the person ought to contact the manager in-boss, Emilee Wentland, quickly by email, telephone, mail or face to face.

Email: taazatime@gmail.com

Sub: Remedy Required

A remedy isn’t formally submitted until the  reader contacts the manager in-boss straightforwardly. Redresses submitted to other taazatime.com staff individuals may not be tended to as quickly as possibly or by any stretch of the imagination.

In the event that sent by email or mail, redresses ought to incorporate the remedy, the issue date or number, where the revision was found (on paper, on the web, and so forth) the  reader’s name and a telephone number or email address they can be reached at.  readers ought to likewise incorporate the right data and a hotspot for where they tracked down that data, if pertinent. For instance, assuming that an Understudy Senate vote count was erroneous, kindly give the minutes from that gathering.

The  reader can anticipate a reaction from the supervisor in-boss and might be reached further in the event that an explanation is noted or the manager needs more data. If it’s not too much trouble, note that a remedy accommodation is an assurance that the mistake will be examined yet not an assurance that a revision will be given.

THE Aajnainews.com:
When the proofreader in-boss is made mindful of a blunder, the person in question will explore the mistake utilizing the data given by the reader, meeting minutes, journalist’s accounts and some other wellsprings of data accessible to that person.

Assuming a mistake is found, the supervisor in-boss will give a rectification in all structures that the data was erroneously spread:

Rectifications will be imprinted on page 2A in the following issue distributed. The amendment will indicate the issue, article and erroneous data alongside the rectification


The article will be amended and a proofreader’s note will be added to the lower part of the article taking note of what was wrong and when the article was changed.

On the off chance that the article was posted on Facebook, Twitter or some other web-based medium constrained by The taazatime.com, a post will be made connecting to the revised article, taking note of the remedy.

When the rectification is made, the supervisor in-boss will contact the  reader who presented the adjustment and illuminate them the means that were taken to address the blunder.